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Sitecore Marketing Category Subscription: Part 6 – Segmented Lists

Sitecore Marketing Categories Subscription

An article series by Dirk Schäfauer.

We putted it all together in Part 5 – The "Magical" Subscription Form. Now let's have a look at what crazy things we can do with the contacts!

As described in my introduction the marketing categories are based on the rules engine. You can use these rules in different places in Sitecore. But I want to create a solid newsletter subscription tool and to send a newsletter we need a list: A segmented list!

Go to the list manager and hit the "Create"-Button and choose "Segmented list from existing list". If you do not want to use double-opt-in you have to choose "Segmented list from all contacts"!

In the next dialogue choose your global contact list.

In the "List segments"-section click on the arrow and choose "Create segment".

Enter a segment name and press the "[+]" in the "Segmentation"-section.

A rule is added to segmentation, click "Edit rule" to open the rules dialog.

Search for "marketing" and you will find the rule to segment the list by marketing preferences:

Marketing preference rule

Edit the rule as you wish, set the preference (or more) to filter the contacts by and also set the manager root.

Edit the rule

Now your list is filtered by your segment and all the contacts which are subscribed to the marketing preference are in the list! Now you can use such a segmented list for your email campaigns. ;)

Awesome! Isn't it?

You can do much more with those marketing preference rules, for example marketing automation plans can be triggered by them!

source code and package will be soon available on GitHub and Sitecore Marketplace. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy segmenting!

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Dirk Schäfauer
Dirk Schäfauer